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To ensure that every student under our direction receives the

best martial arts training possible, and to guide our students to reach the maximum potential of total fitness.

INSPIRED by a life within the martial arts, the founders of the K.I. Tang Soo Do Foundation felt that some commercialized martial arts have lost focus of the martial way. In ancient times, martial arts were taught with conviction and passion. Schools were not just for profit and were involved with positive growth within their community. Martial artists were respected not just for their ability, but for their persistent benevolence and the desire to do more. They were more than just a group of practitioners, they were a pivotal part of the community. K.I. Tang Soo Do Foundation is determined to bring martial arts and the community back together. Our goal is to reach out to those who are interested in the martial arts and offer quality training at a reasonable cost. We are driven by our desire to do more and to train our students with passion by creating an environment that develops quality with conviction. So please, join us on making the world a better place through the education and philosophies of a traditional fighting art.

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