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David E Praim



David E Praim...

     Was born into the martial arts. Son of Munjoe Praim (2nd Dan) and Grand Master David J Praim (10th Dan), martial arts was truly a way of life for him since birth. After obtaining his 2nd Dan, Mr. Praim took a break from martial arts to focus on his career and family. Like most martial artists, he could not stay away for long and got involved again in teaching a small group in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. Praim has since moved back to Michigan, earned his 3rd Dan and teaches in Battle Creek. He is a Referee in the World Karate/Kickboxing Commision (WKC) as well as a tournament promoter and judge for the Michigan Sport Karate Circuit (MSKC). He has successfully trained students for state, national and international competition. Mr. Praim continues his training with the guidance of his father Grand Master David J Praim, as well as other senior, Master and Grand Master instructors of K.I. Tang Soo Do. 

Jacob E Mathers



Jacob E Mathers...

     Started training in Tang Soo Do several years ago and since then has become a very accomplished martial artist. Mr. Mathers became a state champion in the  Michigan Sport Karate Circuit in continuous sparring for his weight division in 2016. He also qualified for the WKC U.S. team in 2016 in several divisions and captured a Bronze medal in the men's team point sparring division in Dublin, Ireland. Mr. Mathers qualified again for the WKC 2017 U.S. team in multiple divisions. Mr. Mathers obtained his 1st Dan from K.I. Tang Soo Do in the summer of 2017 and currently teaches with Mr. Praim in Battle Creek, Michigan. Mr. Mathers continues his martial arts training with David E Praim as well as Grand Master David J Praim and other senior, Master and Grand Master instructors of K.I. Tang Soo Do. 

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